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(26) "Trust investment advisor" is a person, committee of persons, or entity who is or who are given authority by the terms of a trust instrument to direct, consent to or disapprove a trustee's actual or proposed investment decisions. Effect of Amendment The 2013 amendment added the last sentence in subsection (14), the definition of "Settlor"; added subsection (25), the definition of "Permissible distributee"; added subsection (26), the definition of "Trust investment advisor"; and added subsection (27), the definition of "Trust protector". (a) Subject to subsection (b), a person has knowledge of a fact if the person: (1) has actual knowledge of it; (2) has received a notice or notification of it; or (3) from all the facts and circumstances known to the person at the time in question, has reason to know it. (a) Except as otherwise provided in the terms of the trust, this article governs the duties and powers of a trustee, relations among trustees, and the rights and interests of a beneficiary. (g) In connection with a transfer of the trust's principal place of administration, the trustee may transfer some or all of the trust property to a successor trustee designated in the terms of the trust or appointed pursuant to Section 62-7-704. (b) Notice otherwise required under this article or a document otherwise required to be sent under this article need not be provided to a person whose identity or location is unknown to and not reasonably ascertainable by the trustee. The rules of construction that apply in this State to the interpretation of and disposition of property by will also apply as appropriate to the interpretation of the terms of a trust and the disposition of the trust property. These proceedings must be formal as defined by Section 62-1-201(17) but consent petitions are not subject to the requirements of formal proceedings.
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