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In 1827, Fort Leavenworth became the first permanent settlement of white Americans in the future state.

Major events pre dating 1750

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Coal contains much higher levels of energy per given weight than equivalent amounts of renewable biomass (wood).

Historians have named it the era of the modern revolution.Over the course of Big Era Seven change in human society became autocatalytic.Scientists use this term to describe a chemical process, but it is also a useful historical concept.Unprecedented numbers of people in this era took advantage of steamships and railroads to migrate long distances within continental spaces as well as across oceans.European migrants were especially attracted to areas such as North America and the southern cone of South America where the climate was reasonably familiar.In 1800, the global population stood at around 900 million, by itself a huge leap from the start of the previous era. The great increase in human numbers is a sign that major changes were at work. In the Industrial Revolution, humanswestern Europeans at firstlearned to exploit coal and steam energy to mass produce goods with machines and to sell them worldwide.