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David Walter Foster, OC, OBC (born November 1, 1949), is a Canadian musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger.

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He's also accused of failing to pay back a gambling debt and is also embroiled in a lawsuit against three former employees he claims tried to embezzle cash from him.

» The Hills star Brody Jenner blames Paris Hilton for leaving him without a best pal - because the socialite has stolen away his friend Doug Reinhardt.

Recently, the 22-year-old claimed if she might choose, she would never do the lesbian lips-locking scene.

She told MTV News, "I think that sort of my I-wish-i-didn't moment was when I made out with Stacie in Vegas." Revealing why she didn't hope to film the scene, Kristin further explained, "That was one episode I had to call my dad and say, ' Dad, sorry - this is going to be your least favorite episode.' " The "Spring Breakdown" actress then shared about her father's reaction after watching the making-out scene.

Jenner told Closer magazine: "We used to be best friends, now I never see him.

Some people are so involved (more) » - By Rebecca Davies Paris Hilton is stopping her boyfriend seeing his friends, it has been claimed.

Brody told Closer magazine: "We used to be best friends, now I never see him."The reason why I love this girl so much is because she knows me," the smitten Jenner added. She knows my background." Making time to travel, the pair have already visited St. - but we bake some cookies, watch DVDs and have nice quality home time." "It's a change in my life, but it's a good change," Jenner says. "[For the New Year], I completely quit drinking and I've been working out every day and eating the healthiest I've ever eaten my entire life." Inspired by his girlfriend – "She's in amazing, amazing shape," he boasts – Jenner says he feels "incredible," doesn't think about alcohol or want to drink. "It's my lady's birthday." What else does he have planned? Their final episode of the season featured the usual amazing beauty looks, and all the ladies - plus Brody - went glam as they look forward to a little time off from the cameras.View 5 Photos › » - Pop Sugar In an episode of "The Hills" season 5, Kristin Cavallari was seen sharing a girl-on-girl kiss with Stacie Hall.Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bosses have filed a lien against Francis for the cash, claiming he owes them big time for failing to pay his dues in 2001, 20.