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Just the thought of all those things being combined and consumed is enough to make me gag."Oh, please don't eat that," Allison groans, and hides her eyes behind her painted fingernails. I was about ready to walk away from it all when Lenny took a bullet for me and did the experiment instead. Lenny laughs about it now, but he still won't drink anything that fizzes."You're despicable," I tell him jokingly.I nod in agreement and scoot away from Lenny when he seats himself on the other side of me."Puke in the other direction." I frown."Nah, man. Jasper knows I'm wearing new leather boots I got for my birthday a few weeks back.Lenny leans down to take a whiff of the concoction but pulls back quickly, trying not to make a face.

She's always in a foul mood when one of us is doing something stupid.Looking at the assortment of odd things on Lenny's tray, I can already tell that this will end badly. Back in the day, he almost used me as a guinea pig to see if Mentos and Coke would still fizz up if someone drank it.Not only are there peaches and a glob of mayonnaise, but pickles, coleslaw, ketchup, fruit snacks, lime Jell-O, and a bag of croutons. Scowling, I glance up at Jasper, who has now turned on the video camera and propped it up, waiting with a boyish grin on his face. That was one of the first things he wanted to do after inviting me to join Lenny and him in their games.She spends most of her time scrolling down Tumblr, attempting to read everything she can get her hands on, and drooling over fictional men.CHAPTER 1Were Vlogging Here I KNOW JAS is up to no good the minute he plunks his tray down across from mine and flashes me a mischievous grin."You'll never believe what I convinced Lenny to do," he dares after he's dropped his schoolbag to the floor and seated himself slightly askew on the other side of the bench.Lenny lurches forward like he's going to puke, and I ram into Allison to get into the splatter-free zone while Jasper closes in on him. Some of our peers are actually leaning across their tables to see if he'll spew."I might throw up," Lenny admits after a couple of minutes.