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On the contrary: In its preamble and 14 articles, the text simply reaffirms historic biblical beliefs about marriage, chastity and the nature of human sexuality. A methodical effort is now playing out in the mass media to recast biblical truths as a form of “hate,” to reshape public opinion away from those biblical truths, and to silence anyone who stays faithful to Christian teaching on matters of sexual behavior, sexual identity, family and marriage.

She’s also a wife and mother, and she brings all these skills to bear in (Regnery), published earlier this year.Which explains the river of public contempt that was quickly poured out on the Nashville Statement.Happily, three days after the Statement, Cardinal Robert Sarah approached some of the same issues from a Catholic perspective in the Sarah stressed that “to love someone as Christ loves us means to love that person in the truth.” Sexuality is a gift from God with beauty and purpose.It’s this: Americans place a big stress on individual rights. The dynamic of self-assertion and fear of being out of step with the herd is one of the key contradictions of American life. But most of us urgently want to be inside the constantly shifting range of acceptable opinions. On Tuesday, August 29, a group of prominent evangelical scholars and pastors—including respected public voices like Russell Moore—issued the “Nashville Statement.” It’s worth reading in the original, rather than reading it.Nothing in the document is shocking or belligerent.People who identify as members of the LGBT community are owed this truth in charity, especially from clergy who speak on behalf of the Church….” In other words, we need to speak the truth with love. But no real love, no authentic mercy, can exist divorced from speaking the truth. And it can ruin countless lives and poison whole societies in the process.