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) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. Enda Kenny of the Lucinda Creighton leash at Davos crowing 26% growth and the millions of America sickened at 2% growth no seen since the great depression....

The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming. LOL TD Halligan inquiring into a female civil servant interviewees martial status......

--- Darling MI6 dirty tricks who slaughtered and slandered all them Micks report failed!

Alas unlike Iraq where Trumpi warned don't attack another Nam and driven back, A bomb or two, that won't do' we want war, lives lost and we'll blame it on you! You are probably not aware that where you live is often referred to as" little Africa" and thus, you don't hear Balbriggan being mentioned too often.

In 1952 in the days coming up to Christmas time CIE used to run a limited number of fervices from Amiens St (now Connolly) to Cork bypassing Kingsbridge (now Heuston). Poor Gemima, all alone.) then told me the bid came property manager on site but the property manager on site is a real-estate company that has 3 properties in that area for sale in Gort Na Coiribe .

When I put on 220 on this property why didn't receiver ask for proof of funding or was it they didn't send to the bank .

Exactly what "parity of esteem" was sticking in the monks/priests craw. LOL But in the heel of the hunt, they will drop their knickers for a Saudi dollar.

Sharia law, Cannon law and pieces of meat for sale get priority over women's rights! LOLPeter Navarro (US trade council) *Germany is one of the worst actors in promoting Eurozone deflationary currency".

Parity of esteem regarding the able bodied and the disabled or simply Parity the UK based charity advocating equal rights for men and women regarding state pension entitlements.

LOl SEAMUS SEAMUS SEAMUS THAT is very disrespectful ,so you have to be banished to England for the rest of your life , OH LOOK you done it again the back of the pant is completely BROWN ,that's it get out of the house and here is your ticket for the ferry.

European banks shunned by investors throughout 2016 and Europe in 2017 LOL Markets burnt twice by Europe and won't entertain risking a third scorching that's unless there is a European wide taxation hymn sheet and every country is singing off it, well except the UK. Marian Finucane Show on May 6th criticising the term "parity of esteem".

--- Our P45's are in the post surplus to requirements by our Davos host, Tell our paymasters we did our best did our most but damn tweet damn tweet has made us a ghost! Its unlikely Donald Trump will be visiting that area anytime soon.

It is not correct to say that no passengers ever travelled on the "new" Phoenix park Tunnel line. Poor Gemima, you are in serious need of a brain transplant, or at least a buzz collar for your outbursts of racism and bigotry. I don't think the Yes Vote folks would want to be associated with you.