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He took a more serious approach with his next two albums, Release Therapy (2006), and Theater of the Mind (2008).

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And, then, of course,'' she says, the tears now falling, ''it was played in the Guards Chapel, at Rupert's funeral.'' In the weeks since her husband died Mrs Thorneloe, 43, has learned more than one would ever want to know of the anguished world of the bereaved.''I have been given a life that I don't want,'' she says.''Facing the future is a bleak and unforgiving thought. But my girls are my salvation and they are my future.Sophie is so terribly young and, realistically, the possibility of her having any meaningful memories of Rupert are so heartbreakingly low. She knows that everyone is sad, that everything is different.The next day, when she came home, the padre was with me.

It's difficult not to become frustrated and a little terse at times on the phone.Not since Lt Colonel H Jones died in 1982, during an assault at Goose Green in the Falklands War, has the Army lost such a senior officer on the battlefield.When Lt Colonel Thorneloe, 39, died, alongside his driver, Trooper Joshua Hammond, 18, en route to the front to rendezvous with his men, the Army lost an inspirational and outstandingly talented officer.'Oh Sal,' he said, 'last night I slept in a mulberry grove. It was a little like waking in the Garden of gethsemane.I fell asleep listening to Pachelbel's Canon on my i Pod.' I found the thought of that so comforting: there he was, in Helmand, yet he had found his moment of Heaven.'' Lost in silence for a moment, tears threatening and her lips trembling, Mrs Thorneloe turns to the mantelpiece, picking up a framed photograph taken on her wedding day – July 24, 2004.She got upset and then asked if she could do some colouring. She adored Rupert, she was utterly obsessed with him.