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Windows XP continues the support of Ir Da and enhances the support of 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless network devices natively.

Bluetooth support might be enabled in the near future.

For example, most 802.11b implementations will have a speed of 1 Mbps and a range of about 500 meters (1500 feet).

With a closer proximity to the access point (AP), speeds of up to 11 Mbps can be reached.

Windows XP supports the IEEE 802.11b standard natively; this standard uses Direct Sequence Spreading Spectrum (DSSS) to transmit the data in the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz—the Since this bandwidth is free for public use, other devices such as cordless phone can cause problems and interference.

Wireless networks are no exception, and it is typically the IT department's responsibility to protect the end user.Last, we will present two methods that you can use to secure your wireless networks. These concepts will be the glue for our two recommended methods of secure wireless networking.If you just cannot wait, the first method is a solution using an IPSec VPN located on (or behind) a dedicated firewall that separates the wireless network from an intranet.ISBN: 0-07-222602-1 Reprinted with permission Introduction Windows XP's Support for Wireless Technologies Current Security Problems in Wireless Current Countermeasures to Wireless Insecurity Designing a Secure Wireless Network Tools of the Trade Checklist: Wireless Security Wireless technology releases us from copper wires.A user can have a notebook computer, PDA, Pocket PC, Tablet PC, or just a cell phone and stay online anywhere a wireless signal is available.The support of Ir DA enables a user to transfer data between a computer and another Ir DA-enabled device for data synchronization, file transfer, or device control.