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Life derek dating game episode

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In an episode where Derek finds out that Casey's new boyfriend is cheating on her, Derek is quick to rescue Casey and reveal what a jerk her boyfriend is.

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They could potentially be close without Casey standing between them, but they have an understanding that for right now, this is how it is.

In "The Fall", Derek is unsympathetic toward Casey's plight until Lizzie comes to him and begs on Casey's behalf.

Since Casey has moved into Derek 's house, and since he is portrayed as having a naturally conniving nature, Derek starts out ahead. Moreover, well hidden beneath the arrogance and confidence is a soft heart, which sometimes gets in the way of his desire to win.

This soft-heartedness is characterized by the fact that he, though generally being considered not very considerate, has a noticeable soft spot for his younger sister, Marti Venturi.