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7th Annual Undergraduate Research Speed Dat-aing Event An academic networking twist on speed dating!

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The last person standing by the gift bag won," said Christina.

She didn't think anything was going on when Kellie handed her a line as the game began.

For any reason at all The Lesbian Lifestyle doesn’t meet your highest expectations…

As a lady who dates other ladies, one of the most common (and surprising) relationship questions I'm asked is "Who proposes?

"We have built our social relationships on our love of making our friends perform for us. " Kellie approached Christina in a Philly night club nine years ago.

After a night of dancing and an exchange of numbers, the rest is history.

Even when you muster the courage to honor your tinglings it’s no easier… Her tone is encouraging, done to earth, and comforting. I loved that it was as if she was speaking to me while reading the book.

Why resign yourself to a lifetime of “blah” sex when you can convulse with pleasure… Wherever you are in the world you want to know you can be yourself 24/7…

And when we come to realize it’s ladies who shoot a tingle up our inside thigh, no-one is there to throw an arm over our shoulder and expertly guide us to the life we deserve. You’ll also be enjoying 4 exclusive bonus guides I’ve taken time to prepare for you.

You find a confusing lesbian world rises to meet you. Now’s a great time to let you know that you won’t just be downloading The Lesbian Lifestyle onto your computer today…

She would ask during a birthday brunch with all their closest friends and family in attendance.

"I prepared a few party games and one involved a short story I wrote where everyone picked a line from a hat and as the lines were read, if you heard yours you'd go stand by the gift bag, replacing the previous person.