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If you have certain apps that are crashing or behaving strangely on El Capitan, compared to how they worked on your previous OS X, then you’ve got a problem that needs to be addressed.Luckily, we have some solutions that may help to get your apps and El Capitan working together as they should.The first problem that we need to talk about is the most annoying – you can’t enjoy the El Capitan OS X experience if you can’t even get it installed in the first place.The initial release of El Capitan had a number of users struggling with the actual installation of the OS X.However, if your Mac has been slow for more than 24 hours, the problem is not Spotlight indexing.There is a good chance that one of your apps is not working well with El Capitan, and slowing down the whole system as a result.El Capitan replaces Yosemite as the most current operating system for the Mac.

Even though things have greatly improved, Wi-Fi problems can still exist with El Capitan.

If Air Drop no longer works and you’ve tried the usual rebooting and logging in and out of devices, it’s time to try a proper solution Solution The Air Drop not working on El Capitan fix is the same fix that we posted above for users experiencing problems with Handoff: We know this feeling.

A new Mac OS X version feels like Christmas, but the joy of the occasion can turn sour when you notice that not all of your apps are working as they once did.

Before we get started on our guide, it is recommend that you update to the latest and most stable version (10.11.5) before doing anything else.

The next step should be the download, installation and scanning of your system by our Mac optimizing app, Clean My Mac 3.