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Syporn knows this all to well, when she walks down the streets passersby will call out to her ‘oh Katoey’ (“fairy” or “queen”).

I was surprised to see in my website stats that some of the most popular posts on Cambodia Redcat are actually about how to meet ladyboys.

In the Indian ‘section’ dancers performed Bollywood-style to Jai Ho (You are my Destiny), the track made famous by Slumdog Millionaire, a song that seems made for Rosana’s dancers, all sass and joyous energy.

Anna, 39, is the star of the show (playing both ‘J-Lo’ and ‘Marilyn Monroe’), and has been performing since she was 18. Money – that comes second.” Anna, who Mr Atth describes as chief actor and actress, has been helping the Khmer dancers who were largely inexperienced when they came to Rosana.

Of the 90 performers, 75 are Khmer and 25 Thai, making Rosana quite possibly the biggest employer of ladyboys in the Kingdom.

In addition to the dancers, Mr Atth employs 60 staff including office workers, backstage crew and costumiers, making 150 staff altogether.

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“Since I was a teenager I wanted to stand on a stage, and for many people to come and see my show. But most of them could not choose what they are born to be, man or woman.” He says Cambodia is similar to Thailand 50 years ago when the ladyboy culture was not as widely accepted, something he hopes to change.

He adds that some people were surprised Siem Reap was chosen as the venue over Phnom Penh, but explains Temple Town was the obvious choice, being Cambodia’s biggest tourist destination.

Rosana Broadway hopes to follow in the footsteps of Thailand’s popular ladyboy revues, some of which seat up to two thousand people with five performances a day.

There will be two performances a day, at 7pm and 8.45pm, seven days a week. The cabaret is managed by Mr Atth Saengchai, a Thai club-owner with several venues under his belt including the famous Calypso club in Bangkok.

He says the idea came about when his Thai boss visited Cambodia five years ago and remarked on how pretty the girls were, only to find out they were ladyboys.