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The NLRB also said it was investigating Tesla for allegedly intimidating and harassing workers, charges the car maker denies."In recent months, workers have raised concerns about health and safety, compensation, and their right to speak out," the United Auto Workers (UAW) union said of the allegations in a statement."This is despite signing a document indicating they may face termination or criminal prosecution for speaking publicly, or to the media, about what they observed at work or their working conditions."Tesla must respond to the NLRB charges by September 14.On November 14 the board will hold a hearing before an administrative law judge in Oakland."These allegations, which have been filed by the same contingent of union organizers who have been so outspoken with media, are entirely without merit," Tesla said in a statement.San Francisco (AFP) - The US agency charged with enforcing labor laws filed a complaint on Thursday against Tesla, saying it found merit in worker accusations of labor rights infringement.The board said Tesla had violated rights of workers by requiring them to sign overly-broad confidentiality agreements that could bar speaking out over labor conditions and safety issues at the Fremont, California facility.If you need additional assistance or want to file a complaint, please call: 1-888-4-NYSDOL (1-888-469-7365).

For instance: A worker is informed that a management position has recently become available.

Since then, private sector union membership has seen a precipitous drop to today’s record low of 6.6 percent.

Because union decertification is difficult, a current workplace unionized in the 1950s or 1960s is almost assuredly still unionized today.

Background: Currently, unions can bypass secret ballot elections by using paid labor organizers to persuade workers to sign “card check” agreements authorizing union representation.

Following that, they can pressure companies to “voluntarily” accept a card check recognition of the union.