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"And mostly they're pretty unfounded." Rosenfeld, who has been keeping tabs on the dating lives of more than 3,000 people, has gleaned many insights about the growing role of apps like Tinder.

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After competing internationally at an early age in figure ice-skating, Inga developed her early career as a yachting journalist and photographer, allowing her to report from around the world and fuelling her passion for travel.An avid skier, diver and adventurer, Inga has a 9-year old son Ryan at the center of her existence as well as a love for animals and the outdoors to balance a fast-paced life and profession.each age has its own customs." In 440, Yazdegerd II waged a war against the Roman Empire, with little success for either side.The Romans, however, were invaded in their southern provinces by the Vandals, Making the Roman Emperor, Theodosius II (408–450), ask for peace and send his commander, Anatolius, personally to Yazdegerd's camp.In 453, Yazdegerd II moved his court to Nishapur in Khorasan to face the threat from the "Huns" and left Mihr Narseh in charge of the Sasanian Empire. Yazdegerd was known for his religious zeal in promoting Zoroastrianism, leading to persecutions of Christians, mostly Assyrians, and, to a much lesser extent, Jews.Under his reign, 153,000 Assyrians were massacred solely in one city, Kirkuk.Before venturing into the world of matchmaking – both on a business level as on a personal level – Inga found herself at the helm of a leading international steel trading company.There she developed through the ranks and became CEO at the age of only 29.

Advancing his pro-Zoroastrian policy, he battled an uprising of Armenian Christians in the Battle of Avarayr in 451 and attempted to impose Zoroastrianism in Armenia.However, after some time, he turned away from these and started a policy of his own.When the Sasanian nobles told him that his new policies had offended the civilians, he said the following thing: "It is not correct for you to presume that the ways in which my father behaved towards you, maintaining you close to him, and bestowing upon you all that bounty, are incumbent upon all the kings that come after him ...If it's innocent and just about satisfying sexual urges, ask your partner if you two can enjoy some of these fantasies together, IRL, instead."Maybe make watching it a part of your sexual relationship," suggests Firstein.His reign was marked by wars against the Byzantine Empire in the west and the Hephthalite Empire in the east, as well as by his efforts and attempts to impose Zoroastrianism on the largest religious minority within the empire, namely the Christians.