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Kln90b updating database

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P/N: 066-04031-1121 - Black faceplate, standard KLN-90B P/N: 066-04031-1122 - Black faceplate, adds B-RNAV compliance for Europe P/N: 066-04031-1321 - Gray faceplate, standard KLN-90B P/N: 066-04031-1322 - Gray faceplate, adds B-RNAV compliance for Europe P/N: 066-04031-2121 - Black faceplate, KLN-90A upgraded to KLN-90B P/N: 066-04031-2122 - Black faceplate, KLN-90A upgraded to KLN-90B, with B-RNAV P/N: 066-04031-2321 - Gray faceplate, KLN-90A upgraded to KLN-90B P/N: 066-04031-2322 - Gray faceplate, KLN-90A upgraded to KLN-90B, with B-RNAVMany of our KLN-90B sales are for customers who are replacing another KLN-90B.

These customers do not need the GPS antenna, mounting rack, or connectors, and we do not want to charge them for items they do not need.

Garmin Panel Mount G500, G600, G1000 GNS 530 GNS 430 GNS 480 GNC 300XL, 250XL, 155XL GTX 330, 327, 320 GMA audio panels Garmin Portables Aera Series GPSMAP 696, 496, 396 296, 295, 196, 195 Aspen Avidyne Dynon King AV8OR KLN 94, 90B, 89B KX 155 KX 165 KX 170B KN 53 KY 97A 96A 92 KY 196A 197A KMA 24 20, KA 134 Apollo (SL30/40, GX50/55/60) MX20, MX200 MFD Transponders Encoders Slide-in Replacements Michel/TKM MX series Narco PS Engineering Audio Handheld Transceivers Narco Collins Terra Cessna/ARC Radar Equipment Stormscopes XM Receivers Traffic Avoidance Aviation Headsets Aircraft Intercoms Autopilots DME HSI VAL Avionics Lowrance Air Map Argus, Moving Maps Indicators & Gauges Aviation Tools Aircraft For Sale Single Engine Multi Engine Used KLN 89B TSO IFR GPS removed from 1998 Mooney M20J Allegro at AVIMADIS Avionics Workshop in Madrid on May 2017 when we did avionics upgrade.

Have a 430 now and found the 300xl slightly easier to understand and then operate the various pages and groups.And everyone thought it was great when GPS could be substituted for DME. I downloaded Version 1.4 of the database loader from Wingman. The help page suggests three which do work, the Belkin F5U103, the i Concepts 60446 and Part number 26183 from the Radio Shack.I can't help wondeingr if anyone is using GPS with not quite up to date database or database not downloaded by someone with a maintenance authority. This has a help section addressing the issue of installing a USB to Serial Adapter, including Troubleshooting. I also received an email back from Bendix/King suggesting using the Radio Shack adapter.To date I have updated the database on my KLN89B by downloading the file from the Bendix-King Wingman site and connecting the computer via the serial port to a jack connection on the instrument panel. (Long w/e in the US) BC I assume you have tried something like this which is the cable and drivers ?No problem, except the old laptop has died and the new laptop does not have a serial port, only USB I have tried a serial/USB adaptor, but the computer cannot recognise the GPS unit. I also assume you have a maintenance authority to do the database updates.Busconductor, I had exactly the same problem as you and also did not receive reply from Bendix King.