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And they seem as bright as they are beautiful, which makes sense when you consider that many of them are very successful as well.
Evans delivers no less than a stunning tour de force. "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Mime artist Dean Evans has a curious and riveting fragility: he's both doll-like and dangerously expressive in his one man-show.

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He's from Boston and a dancer and he finds the laws constricting.There's some drama when he has a few minor run-ins with the law and falls in love with the preacher's daughter. The climax of the film is when Ren makes an impassioned plea to have the law revoked. On the plus side, Kenny Wormald is a dancer, unlike Bacon and so you actually get to see him dance.This is a silly plot device and Ren's argument is based on the idea that kids need to be able to act like kids when they're kids.

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So I was neither excited nor offended that they were remaking this film although I still thought it was a dumb idea for a plot.

That is never more apparent than during a scene that has been coined at “the angry dance” set in an abandoned warehouse. I had headphones on smashing that song (The White Stripes's “Catch Hell Blues”) in my eardrums in the hair and makeup trailer.

“By the time we shot that, it was the end of the movie so I had already experienced everything that Ren experienced,” says Wormald, noting he would occasionally ad-lib profanities into his lines between takes. I just tried to tap into that.” In, “Footloose,” Wormald plays a rebellious teen who incurs the wrath of a much-loved clergyman (Dennis Quaid) by dating his daughter (Julianne Hough) and challenging their town's ban on loud music and dancing.

“Everybody started falling out of it and I think that is because the script was not good and the direction it was going...

it just wasn't right.” That is when director Craig Brewer, whose credits include “Hustle & Flow” and “Black Snake Moan,” picked up the pieces and reconfigured it as merely a modern-day take on the original, which starred Kevin Bacon. We were definitely happy to deliver this to a new generation.” The actor especially appreciates the fact that the new “Footloose” incorporates several explanations and tones that its predecessor lacked, such as showing more of the relationships between the kids and their parents and the kids thereby demonstrating the importance of communication.