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When after several dates, he finally worked up the courage to lean in and kiss me, I pulled away.
Between 15 and 25 percent of women experience date rape during their enrollment, and victims of abuse come from every race and gender.

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I love the idea of time travel, but it is hard to write a good time travel book.

Things I don't like in fanfics: perfect Hermione who knows all and does nothing wrong and Hermione and Ginny as best friends from Ginny's first year on - Hermione was best friends with Harry and Ron for her school years.

I can see honoring Dumbledore because he was such a huge influence on Harry's life, but I don't think Snape deserved that honor.

Yes, he was a spy and it seems he did try to help protect the kids that horrible year he was Headmaster, but he was an awful teacher, a bully, and just plain mean.

I love Harry and Ginny, I think they make a great couple and think it was hinted at in the books since the first book.

I work full time as a nurse caring for children with cancer and I am in school to get my Ph D.

Anyone who can treat a child like that is a lost cause in my opinion. Snape is a Death Eater - he was interested in the Dark Arts from a young age and even as a young child didn't mind hurting Petunia to get his own way.

I don't believe the Marauders had anything to do with him becoming a Death Eaters and I imagine he gave as good as he got. No, but they firmly rejected the Dark Arts that so fascinated him.

They are two very different girls with very different interests who after they start dating best friends and eventually marry best friends I can see becoming very close, but not from the second they meet. Whoever came up with the 'golden trio' didn't read the stories. During most of third year Hermione was too busy with classes and arguing with the other two.

Harry hates all nicknames so wouldn't endorse another one and during most of their school years weren't 'golden'. Ron's actions during the Goblet of Fire show that the 'trio' is not unbreakable and his actions in Half Blood Prince solidifies that idea.