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Jscrollpane not updating

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From that moment on, each click to any button correctly scrolls the scrollbars etc.

To be more detailed, after I delete the first item, the scrollpane bar disappears too lol. It seems that I can add elements to my Scroll Pane via Jtable that has a custom model.It's fine when I add elements, the table updates and rows appear, etc etc.1) For example my JTable contains a 2*15 table, the size of the table is bigger than the size of the container panel so there is a scrollbar on my JScroll Pane.After I update the Default Table Model with a 2*3 table, and I see the changes in the JTable which is now smaller than the container panel. Action Event; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.table. Default Table Model; @Suppress Warnings("serial") public class Scroll Pane Refresh extends JPanel class Table Panel For more and better help, the OP is going to have to create his own sscce similar (or simpler) than what I've posted above.thanks for any help :) modelx = new Human List Model(); final JTable newbiex = new JTable(modelx); Default Renderer(Human.class, new Human Renderer()); Fills Viewport Height(true); Visible(true); player Viewport View(newbiex); remove Action Listener(new Action Listener() ); if I minimize the applet, then bring it up again, all the elements are now gone, but! You would only need to implement a couple of methods.