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If that's our job, then we have to own our role as community builders. But they are dealing with a micro-community, so there needs to be a glue — something at the center of this work — an organization that can speak to every facet of community and bring every micro-community together. We believe that at the end of the day, the Jewish community and everything else that we care about will fall apart if we don't act as the glue. Engagement, especially engagement of the next generation, is both our greatest challenge and our greatest opportunity.In response, we have reimagined our Federation around this goal.We have honed in on the demographic of Jews in their late teens, 20s and 30s, and those in their early 40s because we believe that, frankly, it's the place where you can see the greatest impact in the shortest time frame.

Jay: In my very first interview to express my desire to do this job, I laid out the basic principle of a transformed Federation for the 21st century — a Federation that first and foremost sees its role in the community differently.One is that every Jew needs to connect to an institution.And the second is that we, the organized Jewish community, define what engagement means.Every partner that we have in this work understands that part of their role is to collaborate with others, and participate, support and create new partnerships.There are never going to be enough people or resources to do this work.Right now, 40 percent of the work we are doing in all areas is work that our Federation initiated and implemented.