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A spokesman for the office in Detroit declined to comment."She will leave the country" and face no time in jail or prison, Goodman told the Free Press."Rasmieh is 69 years old," Goodman said. She had to relive things she would rather not have to relive."Odeh said that she was tortured while in Israeli custody and forced to confess to terrorist bombings she maintains she did not do. She was associate director at the Arab American Action Network in Chicago and attracted a wide following after she was charged by prosecutors in 2013.

An Israeli official has told the Free Press the allegations of torture are not true."She had to relive the torture she suffered at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces, which was vicious and inhumane," Goodman said. She again drew controversy this year when she was one of eight women who signed an open call in the Guardian, a British newspaper, calling for the "Day Without Women" protests. Her defenders say she fights for human rights, and spent years helping immigrants and women at the Arab American Action Network in Chicago."Rasmieh has lived a life of helping immigrants and other people and women in and around the Midwest and in Chicago ever since she came to the United States," Goodman said.

The Central District Attorney also filed a request that the defendant be remanded in custody throughout the criminal trial.

Racist extremists who set up a 'hotline' to inform on Jews in a relationship with 'Arabs' and who targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are openly peddling hate and violence - but the Israeli government won't act.

Odeh, 69, of Chicago, had been found guilty in 2014 in Detroit of lying on her application to enter the U. Related: Today, she agreed to a plea deal with the U. Attorney's Office, said her local attorney, Bill Goodman.

citizen about her conviction in Israel in terror bombings in 1969.

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Rasmieh Odeh, a former Michigan resident whose case was fiercely contested by both sides of the Arab-Israeli dispute, will be deported back to Jordan but spared jail time under a plea deal struck today, her attorney said. The former resident of Jackson was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but the U. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that decision and sent the case back to Detroit, where she was set to get a new trial later this year.

After gaining their trust, the defendant began to sexually assault his child victims, asking them to talk about their sexual development and offering to teach them about sex, the indictment said.

Allegedly, he then sent the girls photographs of female genitalia, which in some cases he said were pictures of himself, and asked them to reciprocate by sending him photos of themselves in the nude.

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