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Is josh ramsay still dating amanda

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There were plenty of bleak days over the past couple of years, enough of them that the frontman finally realized he had a decision to make.He could wallow in misery or attempt to get himself to a better place.In what’s both a blessing and a curse, Josh Ramsay is wired so that restraint isn’t an option.“I don’t know if you find this, but I find in my own life that everything is always in extremes,” says the immensely quotable frontman for Vancouver hit-makers Marianas Trench, interviewed at Kitsilano’s Calhoun’s café.“Everything is peaks and valleys, and I don’t have a lot of middle ground.There was the implosion of a relationship—after the wedding had been planned and the invitations were ready to be mailed.

It’s the same way that I produce music—big sounds, and everything all, all, all, more.

It’s the same when I cook, where it’s tons and tons of spices.

I’m always like that, and I always have been.”That life is all about extremes for the 30-year-old singer, platinum-touch songwriter, and ace producer is certainly borne out on , the epic fourth full-length from Marianas Trench.

Long before forming Marianas Trench in the early ’00s, Ramsay was ready for stardom.

“I knew exactly what I was going to do and was specifically working at it from the time I was literally five,” he says.