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Is jessica simpson dating tony romo

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The Cowboys lost that game and Romo had the worst performance of his career.At least, it was the worst until Sunday, when he had a 22.2 quarterback rating and bruised the thumb area on his throwing hand.And after Jessica was seen presiding over a Cowboys loss in Jerry Jones' box in that pink and white monstrosity of a jersey, ' Boys fans immediately pointed fingers at Ms. As we've come to find out, Romo can do bad all by himself.While according to all the stories it's all but official that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are dunzo, the duo was all smiles out to lunch together in LA yesterday afternoon before she hosted the rehearsal dinner at her house. The timing apparently couldn’t have been better, as the guillotine dropped on the relationship last Thursday, the eve of Simpson’s 29th birthday. When you’re a no-talent shell of a celebrity with absolutely nothing going for you aside from your kicking body, don’t lose that body. MTV, among various sources, is reporting that Dallas Cowboy quarterback/pretty boy Tony Romo has dumped girlfriend/airhead/future Goodyear blimp Jessica Simpson.Romo's parents also were in attendance Sunday and accepted the team's Bob Lilly Award on his behalf at halftime.It was the first game for his father, Ramiro, since undergoing surgery for prostate cancer earlier this season.

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" He goes, "Maybe." I'm like, "Try it again." I was taken aback by someone wanting to kiss me in public. Here are Gunaxin’s Top Ten reasons for the split: 10. Nick Lachey decided he needed to be relevant again. When you’re young, rich, good looking, and the starting quarterback for America’s team, you shouldn’t have to date fat chicks. Romo got tired of the package deal of dating Jessica and her creepy, face of sheer evil dad. Apparently Tony met Jessica with a kiss before lunch at Katsuya and as you can see they left together holding hands in the car. With Ashlee's wedding today and all the rumors about Tony coming or not coming as Jess' date, it's pretty sweet to see the two together before the big day.Hopefully this only means great things as he is by her side as her younger sister ties the knot.And it totally ruined the Barbie and Ken-themed party Jessica had planned. Simpson couldn’t keep up with Romo’s slutting around like a pseud-star. The entire relationship, much like Romo’s career, started off great but faded quickly. Otherwise people like Tony Romo will hit-it and quit-it. Tired of being sacked again and again, Romo took it upon himself to avoid it this time. Guess the present he wanted to give most was himself out of the relationship.