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So, music took one of our great sportswriters, is that right? There was a man before him named Burl Womack, who I don’t think had any connection with the university but Burl managed WGAU and gave me my first radio job, hired me, I was green as a gourd and he hired me to work at the radio station.

So…so many people like that influenced me and then I met a couple of people here…a couple of guys who were older than me that were back in school on the GI bill.

This room, of course, is in the Continuing Education Center as a part of the University of Georgia, and when I was here in the late '50s they were building a television station facility here and they had not yet completed the room for television. There’s an old speaker hanging on the wall back there that I’ll bet you…I’ll bet you the night we were in here and they played our recording back…I bet my recording came through that. You know, you can do whatever you want to do, be whatever you want to be, but get that education. I grew up in Decatur right outside of Atlanta and I became the sports editor of a little weekly newspaper there called the De Kalb New Era back in the mid 50s when I was in high school and covered the…there were 8 county schools in Decatur that participated in the major sports and I…my…my beat was to cover those 8 De Kalb county schools, and in doing so, somehow I attracted the attention of somebody at the Atlanta Constitution and I became what they called a stringer for the Atlanta papers. So I was turned down in all of these places, came back to Athens of all places, and a man I mentioned a while ago named Burl Womack was managing WGAU and he hired me to do some radio work, trained me, taught me.

“ Well, we were game for anything, you know, at that point, and so I grabbed a couple of new songs that I had written and just stuck them in my guitar case and brought them over here and we ended up recording them that night. You know, its…its kinda like going back to the house where you grew up... And when I came to Georgia and I found that the journalism school was divided into 3 sequences.

Ngo Dinh Diem defeats Emperor Bao Dai in national referendum.

In June 1954, Bao Dai had appointed Diem prime minister. The accident occurred when a locker filled with night illumination magnesium flares burst into flame.

It became the number one record in the charts for 17 weeks, and in some polls was voted the Country Music Record of the Year and it opened all the doors for me in Nashville as a performer and as a song writer, and it all started right here in this room. And then there was Advertising and Public Relations. Did you have some faculty person or was there a person at the…at the Grady College that particularly influenced you and impacted your life or…or someone on campus maybe? What was the social life on campus in the late ‘50s? …and, you know, attended some fraternity parties and things and lived in the fraternity house for a short time and went to various events and things but I got awfully focused on…on the radio and music, and things like that, so I probably missed out on a good bit of the social life that I could have taken advantage of, just simply because… Yeah, when they finally let me bring a car on campus…you know, in those days freshman couldn’t have cars on campus. And the first one that I brought over here was an old 1947 Ford, as you said, metallic blue.

When Jerry, a notorious womanizer, brought a young model to the couple’s home in the upscale Hancock Park neighborhood, Betty became upset and threatened him with a large wrench. Nineteen-year-old John Mc Collum is found shot to death on his bed in Indio, California.Both beautiful and talented, Houston was the daughter of soul singer Cissy Houston and niece of pop star Dionne Warwick, and she parlayed her...After years of feuding and mounting tensions, on this day in 1881, the “law and order” Earps and the “cowboy” Clanton-Mc Laurys engage in their world-famous shoot-out near the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, leaving three men dead and three more wounded.On this day in 1900, writer Henry James first writes to Edith Wharton, whom he will finally meet in 1903.Wharton, then 38, had published her first collection of stories, The Greater Inclination, the previous year.On this day in 1946, Patrick Leonard Sajdak, who will one day be known to millions of game-show fans as the Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, is born in Chicago.