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The weird thing is the entire time the show was on the air Corey was fawning over Meena and she never had any interest in him. This show was programming young black boys to see white girls as desirable mates they should seek out. It also was teaching young white girls that they are the most attractive girls and that black boys will like them…but they should reject them. Please don’t allow your children to watch any of their programs. “Dami has had some situations where he felt flak from both black women and black men, because it’s the whole concept of, African Americans have this obligation to rebuild the African American family, and how’s that going to happen if they’re not marrying each other? They have also noticed that students in the black community who do support them are uncomfortable expressing their approval of interracial dating around other black students.In public conversations about mixed relationships, “people get really tense and awkward and quiet, but then afterward in privacy, they’ll be like, ‘Hey Dami, I actually really agree with what you were saying,’” Coates explains.

Rather, it presents the views of three couples who agreed to discuss their stories and to add to the conversation.“I think it’s almost been like the campus has been under a pressure cooker lately, with all the racial initiatives that have been going on for the past year,” Coates says.“Since movements like that have taken place, racial discourse has been addressed so much more on campus than it has been in past years, and it’s almost like it’s given people more comfort and more confidence in vocally opposing our relationship.” While Coates and Aladesanmi have perceived resentment from their black classmates, they say they have noticed, at times, a more subtle lack of acceptance from their white peers.“I remember feeling so little and very embarrassed and awkward and out of place when she avoided eye contact with me, looked at her feet, and mumbled about how yeah, it was a threat,” Coates recalls.Coates suggests that disapproval of their relationship takes on an academic tone within Harvard’s black community.“Black opposition at Harvard will have a thesis, an Af-Am philosophy attached to it,” says Coates.