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While there is no possible way to guess how any unemployment claim would go, generally in order to have unemployment benefits denied the termination has to have been for stealing, fighting, willful violation of a company policy, and so on.

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“They made it crystal clear during the committee hearing that that’s what their aims are,” he said.“So we’ll be doing everything we can to halt the progress of this legislation.” After the federal government adopted a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993, several states enacted their own with an eye to protecting private religious practices — say, if a person’s religious ritual involves the use of an otherwise illegal drug, their state or city could not penalize them for using the drug, or if their religion forbids autopsies, a government agency could not mandate an autopsy.From the larger cities to the small ones, there is no avoiding racism in this state. I grew up being called racial slurs in school, once the local news even came to my school because a group of boys threatened to kill every black person in the school.My husband was in numerous physical fights growing up after being attacked because of his race.

There are good people everywhere you go but they usually aren't the ones you have to deal with on the regular. Meaning you won't get a fair trial but you won't get the death penalty for sure either!

A Kentucky Senate committee today advanced a bill that would allow businesses and individuals to discriminate against LGBT customers without being penalized under local antidiscrimination ordinances.

The legislation, Senate Bill 180, would amend the state’s 2013 Religious Freedom Restoration Act to assure that it applies to providers of goods and services to the public, putting their work under the “protected activities” clause of the law, the reports.

Only in recent years have states begun to include language in RFRAs aimed at allowing businesses and individuals to discriminate, with Mississippi’s 2014 RFRA often considered the first “license to discriminate” law.

Last year Indiana and Arkansas both passed RFRAs that opponents said constituted a “license to discriminate,” and both were amended after public outcry.