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I had put up countless unanswered web ads (hello Ok Stupid!), went to Meet Ups, worked out like a demon, upgraded my appearance, signed up for speed dating parties, met with expensive dating coaches and memorized all current dating books.Kenya Mc Queen is a successful African-American CPA, working her way to the top of the corporate ladder -- but her life has become all work and no play.Urged on by her friends to try something new and to let go of her dream of the "ideal black man," she accepts a blind date with an architectural landscaper named Brian, only to cut the date short upon first sight, because Brian is white.My job was a selfish lover who didn’t care that I was lonely and ate most meals alone.

At every income level black men are less likely than white men to be married.Indeed, by some measures, the racial gap is actually wider among affluent men than among their economically disadvantaged counterparts.In most racial-ethnic groups, increases in income consistently translate into a greater likelihood of marriage.I smiled and told her that I knew what she was talking about and how I had always planned to go to Europe with friends, but it never manifested.Years later after Starbuck’s cafe chat, I sat alone struggling with rampant dating dry spells.I'll marry his ass quick and give him a shitload of babies. There was a natural on-screen chemistry between the two of you that made the movie believable and enjoyable. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves in Hollywood.