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International date line dating

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In order to cross it, you must pass through the ring of fire.

The ring of fire is quite large, but can pose a danger to aircraft traveling through it, though not as bad as the Bermuda triangle.

By crossing the International Date Line, you actually travel a day forward or backward in time.

This was proven with the advent of high speed commercial jet aircraft in 1952.

The earth is roughly a sphere, and therefore can be divided into 360 equal slices.

We give time zones their own sections 15 degrees wide. There it would be 9 in the evening on Thursday, 12 hours ahead of the time it currently is in Hawaii. Now, let's keep going east to New Zealand, where you're almost back to the same slice that Hawaii is in, and it's actually 9 in the morning on Friday, the next day!

In fact, if you left your home at noon and ran westward at over 1000mph, you would outrun the sun and it would seemingly never set.A tax, the Entropy Tax is levied onto all goods and persons that cross it.It is to be paid every Friday into a numbered Swiss bank account. The International Date Line is engulfed in a Ring of Fire.Time zones are a way to make everyone's daylight hours roughly the same, so the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening no matter where you live (with a few exceptions, but we won't worry about those right now).The earth is divided into slices that run from pole to pole, kind of like an orange.When you cross the International Date Line, the date changes. You've probably noticed that different places on Earth have different times.