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— and speed dating events are aimed at connecting moms, perhaps replacing old-school methods such as stalking other moms at the park, signing up for Mommy and Me classes and hoping for “playdate chemistry.” Jillian Darlington's son was two when her marriage fell apart, and she credits her network of moms with being her main support system.

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is similar to the more widely-known Web MD, but with one major difference: rather than just presenting possible diagnoses based on symptoms, Health Tap connects you via video, voice, or text with a real doctor to answer questions, get prescriptions, referrals, second opinions, and more. can ask you follow-up questions, and guide you to relevant articles, suggest a diagnosis, connect you with a doctor in the Health Tap network as necessity dictates, or schedule an appointment with a specialist near you in the real world.

If it can't understand a message, it says, "Hmmm, I didn't get that.

Dutch airline KLM, like most airlines, was quick to embrace social media for sharing updates and handling complaints.

Their 235-person social media team handles 15,000 online conversations in an average week.

The chatbot was created by influencer marketing platform The Amplify and chatbot developer Automat, companies that became part of the 18-month-old network You & Mr Jones in mid-2016.

"Mobile commerce will be colossal using bots," said David Jones, former Havas global CEO and founder of You & Mr Jones. Traditional ads can cost thousands per click -- this is a conversation on Kik." Results so far include 14 times more conversations with the chatbot than with an average post by Ms.