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Compared to the stand-alone MAGIC-I, operated till mid-2009, the use of the two telescopes provided a significant increase of the sensitivity due to stronger background rejection.The energy and angular resolutions have been improved, mainly due to the higher precision of the three-dimensional reconstruction of air shower impact point and its incoming direction.MAGIC in a Nutshell The main goal of the MAGIC project was to build an instrument that could perform measurements in an energy range below 100 Ge V, down to about 30 Ge V, up to the high-energetic "terra incognita" of the electromagnetic emission spectrum, traditionally considered as the classical domain of satellite-born instruments.MAGIC researchers were anticipating finding new classes of gamma-ray sources such as, for example, pulsars and Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB).

The main goal of the office is to protect the rights, freedom and safety of journalists in the region and promote unity and solidarity.

The Africa office serves as Secretariat for the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) and represents 40 members organisations across the continent, while also running trade union development, press freedom and safety of journalists activities, as well as campaigns on access to information. Our upcoming activities include the conferences on Confronting Austerity in Journalism in Vienna, Journalism Ethics: Creating Diveristy and Inclusiveness in the Media in Wuzburg, and finally the EFJ Annual Meeting in Moscow. During the last ten years, the IFJ has developed an extensive working programme in the region, run from its headquarters in Brussels.

These programmes include union building and trade union development, media safety, press freedom and legal reform, gender equality, media ethics, and self regulation and human rights journalism.

The deadline for the next call is tentatively set to 2017/11/03, and the observation cycle spans from January to December 2018.

Please, contact the MAGIC physics coordinator (David Paneque: [email protected]) no later than 6 weeks before the deadline of the call.