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ISIS has at least 40 media organizations pumping out video, audio, and written material, according to Humera Khan, executive director of Muflehun, a think tank specializing in counter terrorism.

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Left-leaning policies, such as communism and it’s little cousin, socialism always fail because eventually, politicians run out of other people’s money.People also want to be free, and those in Illinois are quickly discovering that instead of freedom, they have government promises and intervention laced with massive taxation (theft).Force and coercion will always eventually end the same way.

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While this might be tough for you to get used to, just think about how much worse it is for them, and appreciate that the best way to help them is to be supportive.Illinois could be expected to slash pensions to 30 cents on the dollar to help stave off the harsh reality of nanny state policies and socialist promises.But problems with finances began when the state failed to realize that a stranglehold on the economy spells disaster and political promises are failures waiting to happen.The mass exodus of property owners began when the land of Lincoln decided to jack up property taxes in an attempt to cover for their awful Ponzi scheme mismanagement, and the spiral into an almost billion debt crisis began.According to the video below by SGTReport, the situation is worse than we are being told.Up until now, these public pensions have been covered by stealing money set aside for future generations to cover current claims.