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They would call it "age gap dating", i.e., older men dating younger women, and older women dating younger men.

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I don't want to offend clients, but it’s insulting they feel they can say this to me.I would go to my boss, but I feel I should be able to handle this myself.Blowing people off for the next couple of decades is only going to fan the flames of curiosity.But I also agree with you that having a family gathering in which you announce you two have found life partners—each other—will give everyone the vapors.I think he's out of his mind, but I also want to make him happy.Is this one of those times when honesty is not the best policy?I feel we should continue being discreet for the rest of our lives and blow off their questions.It's nobody's business, and I fear they would find our relationship shocking and disgusting.

We attended schools far apart and limited our contact to family holidays.

Dear Prudence, My fraternal twin and I (both men) are in our late 30s.

We were always extremely close and shared a bedroom growing up.

Of course we felt guilty and ashamed, and we didn't dare tell anyone what we were doing.

We hoped it was "just a phase" that we’d grow out of, but we wound up sleeping together until we left for college.