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And as the popularity of the device grew, so too did my frustration with AT&T's network.

Living in Denver, CO, my (and several other users I know) 3G experience has been so poor, my dropped call frequency so high, that I had (yes, past tense - I'm getting there) disabled 3G most of the time. And that's having a giant AT&T logo'd tower in line-of-sight of my house and STILL can't send/receive phone calls form home.

The problem with battery right now is we are still working on a break threw. Trying coming to some city west of the Mississippi and you will see how little rail they have and we just do not have any good way to put a rail system in.

When we finally get a true break threw in battery technology I can see things really taking off. problem is they are a little on the heavy side but we are getting better at it. It is very costly to retrofit those system in and it is a very slow process. I have used every iteration of i Phone since the original's launch date - which also represented my 1st experience with AT&T.

I have yet to be convinced, especially with the cost and [lack of efficiency] of the battery packs.

I just went down to the apple store and now I'm writing to you with my new i Phone. You all know who you are..its funny you call someone else a fanboy. If they didn't sell Macintoshes and i Pods they would be out of business. i see the ACD as a premium monitor so I think they should at least be comparable a similar dell (in terms of specs).

So here I am - day 2 of full 3G service at home, at work, all over town.

Sounds silly, but it's really nice when your network... Considering my only gripe with my i Phone experience has been the service provider (yeah, a big gripe), it now appears the Denver's coverage is finally working as advertised.

And all of that set up was meant to paint a picture. Monday morning, I woke to 5 glorious bars of 3G at home.

I even shut down my i Phone & rebooted to make sure it was really there. And from work I was able to make several phone calls with no issue.