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I should have it sorted soon but I think your answer should work out, maybe my code was so messed up it was affecting this.The previmage callback is activated once I click on a button to start the video.Des millers de vidéos de coquines sexy qui aiment s'exhiber et qui sont à la recherche de mecs qui les regardent.Vous avez enfin trouvé le site idéal pour satisfaire tous vos désirs sexuels.The img Acq Started will now be zero, and when the other callback resumes, the while loop condition should evaluate to false, and we will exit the loop.


Or is it (more likely) that you are displaying the images within an axes widget on your GUI - which would explain why there is no x button to close.

Hi, I have code that displays video footage from a camera in a GUI.

I am unable to stop this video once it starts, the code that I copied to get the image to display tells the user to close the image simply by clicking on the "x" button on the top right corner.

I'm assuming that the interruptible property of the start button is on (which is the default setting).

In the above code, just before the while loop starts add the following lines and change the condition in the loop So we will continue to do the image acquisition until told otherwise.