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But that didn't explain how he knew the details of their phone conversations or the physical descriptions of their rooms.Rogers and Kirkpatrick started with the one thing they knew for certain: the hacker's e-mail.Amy knew it was irrational, but she couldn't help scanning the crowd, looking for her stalker. He, too, had holed up alone, away from family and friends.He'd even stopped calling Amy, ending their relationship. He had gained remote access to his victims' computers, allowing him to monitor their activity online and to search their hard drives.

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Melissa wondered why her goof-off sister was IM'ing from the next room instead of just padding over—she wasn't usually that lazy—so she walked over to see what was up. Unlike Melissa, she opened it, expecting, say, a video of some guy stapling his lip to his chin on You Tube. The girls pieced together the clues and agreed: Suzy's AOL account had been hacked.The silence led to guesswork: Maybe he didn't really live there after all. Luis Mijangos was an unlikely candidate for the world's creepiest hacker.He lived at home with his mother, half brother, two sisters—one a schoolgirl, the other a housekeeper—and a perky gray poodle named Petra.He had no California driver's license, leading them to suspect he was an illegal immigrant.The one photo they turned up showed a 30-year-old dark-skinned Latino with a long narrow nose and bushy black eyebrows.They chatted with friends, posted pictures, and when they were tired, stretched out on their beds to rest.