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love, with each of them claiming that the other is the only one developing feelings, before both finally say "I love you" to each other.

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In their day, Curtis and Leigh were one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming couples, two successful, ambitious, famous people who appeared to have it all, with that ‘all’ including a happy marriage and two fine children.(As is often the case, appearances were deceiving: Curtis and Leigh divorced in 1962 after eleven years of marriage, and there were more difficult times ahead for both of them.) It’s thus possible that the current rumor about Jamie Lee stems from an ancient backlash against her parents, long-ago envy expressed as a slander about what the union of two “perfect” people had produced. We don't tolerate any slurs in this room (tranny, shemale, hermaphrodite etc.) and you will only be given one warning before you are blocked from the room. If you have any further questions about our conditions, tip 50 tokens and we will private message you with answers upon request.We don't care if other models are ok with those words, we are not. Otherwise please just google intersex conditions and do your own research, as its difficult to run a sexy show and explain our medical history at the same time. Private shows are always open and are 30 tokens per minute.It is a telling commentary on the skewed importance we give any matter relating to sexuality that this rumor exists at all.Numerous children come into the world less than perfectly formed, yet no stigma is attached to those who require surgery to repair a malfunctioning heart, a disorder of the digestive system, or almost any other condition unrelated to gender.Though couples opt for adoptive children over natural progeny for any number of reasons, it is true the operation necessary to correct dual gendering in a female infant would leave her unable to bear children.

Two facts lend an aura of credence to the rumor that Jamie Lee was born with both male and female bodyparts.

Treatment of cases of blatant intersexuality is generally (but not always) surgical in nature, with reconstruction performed on the infant patient to add or remove body parts so as to end up with a child completely male or female in physical appearance.

Hormones are also given towards this end, but there is a limit to what can be corrected medically.

” If the names were truly chosen before the children arrived, that puts paid to the notion that ‘Jamie Lee’ was so christened in response to a medical condition that would only have been discovered after her delivery.

(Jamie Lee Curtis was born long before the development of medical technology that could identify dual-gendered fetuses.) The second fact that supports the rumor is own children: They’re adopted.