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Bone-boilers, grease and cat-gut manufactories represent some of them, and there is a nest of thieves, which has existed ever since the days of Edward III.

The house is a brick structure of three storeys, forming three-fourths of a square.

Classification there is none, excepting the common division of male and female wards, and the separation of the "foul cases." In a house so conditioned there can be neither order nor method.

During our visit to the infirmary wards, fourteen in number, scattered over the entire house, we were accompanied by Mr.

The south front consists of low buildings, which are used for offices; it dates from 1782, with additions made in 18.

The main portion of the house has a north aspect; the west and east wings running at right angles, leaving a paved yard between them.

The absence of the usual decencies and needful cleanliness of the infirmary will at once suggest the class of nurses in charge: for we feel assured that no properly trained nurse would have tolerated such abominations as we witnessed.

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It was the subject of a report in An Account of Several Workhouses..., dated October 1731. HE has the Skill of whitening his Wool, which recommends his Work to all the Turners that deal with him, and several have gives him 7s. for a Dozen Pound, when they could buy it elsewhere for 7s.

The population falling within the parish at the 1831 census had been 39,769 and the average annual poor-rate expenditure for the period 1832-34 had been £20,642.

In September 1865, St George-the-Martyr was the subject of one of a series of articles in the medical journal This house is situated in Mint-street, Southwark, a densely crowded district on the S. of the Thames, with a population of 55,510 and is surrounded with every possible nuisance, physical and moral.

The efforts made to ventilate the wards, consisting of perforated zinc shafts, extending on a line with the ceiling, with openings in the floor, appeared to us very ineffectual; the wards smelt very musty and suggested a mischievous state of things.

The bedsteads were partly wood, and in some wards iron, on an average six feet in length and two feet six inches in width.