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She accepted it with both hands and hugged it close to her, like what he is doing to her now. E's Perfect 3 Concert Tour Stop in Taipei, Taiwan. Joe Cheng Hebe-The Rose Aaron-They Kiss Again, It started with a kiss.陈博正Hebe-IN 求婚事物所,he was her dad. Aaron Yan Nickname: Ah Bu 阿布 Real name: 吳庚霖 / Wu Geng Lin Birth Date: 20 November 1986 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 177cm Weight: approximately 60kg Education: Jing Wen University of Science and Technology majoring in English Languages: Mandarin and English (is currently learning Japanese) Hobbies: basketball, dancing, singing, hanging out with friends, and, fooling around Health Condition: a little bit of asthma, leg injuries, mild myopia Talents: piano, flute, and, basketball Favorite Actor: Andy Lau Favorite Actress: Ariel Lin Favorite Male Singer: Harlem Yu and JJ Lin Favorite Female Singer: Lin Fan and Fish Leong Favorite Genre of Music: soul, rock, pop, R&B, hard rock, and, jazz Favorite Things: thoughtful things Favorite Colors: green, blue, yellow, and, black Favorite Part of a Female: personality is more important; must be genuine (he doesn't like fake things) Hebe Tian Name: 田馥甄 / Tian Fu Zhen English name: Hebe Tian Also known as: Tian Xi Bi 田喜碧 Profession: Singer, actress and host Birthdate: 1983-Mar-30 Birthplace: Hsinchu, Taiwan Height: 161cm Weight: 43kg Star Sign: Aries Blood type: A Family: Father, mother, older brother Occupation(s): Singer, Actress, Host Instrument(s): Singing, Piano, Flute, and Drums Favourites: Colour: Yellow, Black & Red Food: Sweet, Gummies, Bread and Fruit Singer: Faye Wong, The Cranberries, Shunzana, Eason Chan & Lee Hom Wang Animal: Dogs and Elephants. E on Guess Guess Guess -Fahrenheit are guests in S. E's Perfect 3 Concert Tour Stop in Shenzhen, China. 2007 -Fahrenheit & Hebe's Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue won the Sprite Award Best Duet -The first Aaron-Hebe fanfic was completed - Fahrenheit are guests in S. Aaron-In KO ONE,he was Da Dong's dad, IN X-Family, He was Ah gong. erhaps you know that Be Bu has not been created by their companies, or for a project, or by the media…ALL OF THIS CAME FROM FAN FICTION!

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Aaron & Hebe admitted their secret love for each other in public and are on the way as they release their drama single with MV album/ost concert dvd (feat. So far, we're still waiting for Angel23 confirmations and still on the look out for the many unsuspected moments. The two people involved are none other than the youngest member of Fahrenheit & the youngest member of S. Now we, the babies aren't too dumb to love this couple for no reason or evidence. except that they are together as always.may connect with bebu babies..8. He wore trendy clothes in bright colors and shiny brown hair nicely cut short, some flowing above his eyebrows. Both can be called the main singer of their respective group...sings the high parts and harmonizes most of the times...7. Both of them took part in sunshine teenager those types of competition b4.17. All girls squealed at his dream boy personality from cold to cute. In the lyric...若'布'素沧海桑'田','甄'耐怎麽会'馥'现. 布 is ah BU 田 is Hebe TIAN 甄 is Hebe Tien Fu ZHEN18. He can speak and understand Mandarin, English, Hokkien, limited Japanese, and Cantonese. He walked across the long passage with humility and silence. Please observe the standard AF rules when you post. We're trying to promote what Gandhi calls "NON-VIOLENCE." We're all going to be young & innocent here so don't type just any word. x DEveryone Ummm, guys, I think the Gui Lun fans are thinking that we're trying to like, catch up to them.