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He even rushes to the door of his cage and crawls happily into our hands when we open it.

Good luck, and I'm sure your baby will calm down soon!

At one point the messages were being received so often that his phone crashed.

Details of the experiment were favourited or retweeted more than 1,000 times – with one user replying: “I am not surprised by the result of your experiment - any idea how to fix this?

The most important thing is the hand to hand running through the fingers so he feels your hands round him. Have him in the ball or tub then let him walk out and crawl over you while you stroke and hold him. Hamster is from the german word hamstern meaning to hoard or store!

If he escape have an ice cream tub ready and put it over him. He will not be able to climb the sides of the bath tub if he goes skittish. Do not remove his food and always put a little in there when you clean out so he does not feel it has all gone. I know you can do this Thank you for all the help and advice and today i managed to take him into the hallway and lift him up play with him from hand to hand and then clean out his cage!

A lot of hamsters bar chew and it is a hard habit to break but unless he is hurting his nose he may grow out of it. Have you got a secure room like a hallway where you could shut all the doors, put the cage on the floor and get him out?

He is not ready for free running yet until he is tame and handleable and you can pick him up without him running crazy.

I followed the taming tips on Hamster Central and have had a loving friendly hamster for 2 years now.We have a hamster, we didn't ask for it, we took it on because my niece was not able to look after it any longer due to health problems. My boy loves animals and even he is getting bored of him i think and hardly asks to see hamster Are all hamsters this boring or did we just strike it unlucky with this one? I wake them up in the day for a cuddle then in the evening for a run in the ball! They might be sleeping a bit more as it's colder aswell. Yep, they do make rather dull pets due to their nocturnal nature. Honesetly, this hamster is so boring, I know they nocturnal but seriously we hardly ever see this thing and when it does make an appearance it goes straight to its food bowl and takes it back to his little house and we never see it again for the day.She had him log into the same chat room with a male profile and a female profile – and the difference was startling.The male profile received no messages, while the supposed 18-year-old woman’s profile was bombarded with sexual images within seconds.It’s revolting." Another said: “Thank you for this info.