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The cycle of gender violence starts with the individual, if one can change; many can change.

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When the Revolutionary War ended, nearly a decade later, many rebels returned to find their homes occupied, and sued Loyalists for compensation (for using and/or damaging their property). In 1784, Hamilton took on the case, which involved the rights of Loyalists.

It was a landmark case for the American justice system, as it led to the creation of the judicial review system.

Croix, the bright and ambitious young lad quickly impressed his employer.

Through this early experience, Alexander Hamilton was first exposed to international commerce (including the importing of slaves) and learned about the business of money and trade.

In 1777, after Hamilton fought in that year's battles of Brandywine Creek, Germantown and Princeton, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the Continental Army.

During his early service in the fight for American independence, he caught the attention of General George Washington, who made Hamilton his assistant and trusted adviser.

In 1774, he wrote his first political article defending the Patriots' cause against the interests of pro-British Loyalists.

After completing a short apprenticeship and passing the bar, he established a practice in New York City.With Washington's permission, Hamilton led a victorious charge against the British in the Battle of Yorktown.Cornwallis's surrender during this battle would eventually lead to two major negotiations in 1783: the Treaty of Paris between the United States and Great Britain, and two treaties signed at Versailles between France and Britain and Spain.Hamilton's boss, a businessman named Nicolas Cruger, so valued Hamilton's acumen when it came to accounting that he and other businessmen pooled their resources with a minister and newspaper editor named Hugh Knox to send Hamilton to America for an education.Hamilton had impressed Knox with an eloquent letter he had written describing a ferocious hurricane that had hit the island in 1772.He accomplished another history-making feat that same year, when he assisted in founding the Bank of New York.