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Bronx Guyanese in afew posts u mentioned some Guyanese being hostile towards you because they thought u were Rican or Dominican. Do English Caribbean folks and latino caribeans have some sort of bad blood between them In NY? I dont associate with Trinidadians why because I dont know any or very little espeically Indian ones.

Oh yeah I also visited Guynana a month ago, many women of all races there are stuck up like New York women. I know more about Ricans and Dominicans then I do about my own people I notice that Indo-Guyanese girls tend to be more on the shy side as opposed to hostile.

But I've never had a problem with immigrants in Flushing, or in Long Island City when I lived there. May be an extreme measure, but what the hell can you do with thrash??

Queens is great for its fairly peaceful diversity, don't ruin it for us! These bastards got a new life and are squandering it because they have been afraid of blacks for forty years and want to take advantage of the system (and of Whites). Thank you I think I am fairly tolerant of new immigrants to New York.

One time I visited Richmond Hill Queens some Coolie kid called me whitebai.

I dont live around Black or Guyanese Indians, only know about Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, and Black Americans I live around these types of people!

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LOL, I dont fit in with either for various reasons but both are cool with me, to some Guyanese they might consider me white or Latino.

My family's guyanese and we don't party and we aren't loud at all. However, Flushing is known for being fairly quiet for a neighborhood of its urbanness. ) Once there was an all-night party down the block, this was in April or so, and it was Spanish-language music.As for Guyanese being hostile to others is nothign new and a common occurance.As for Guyanese Indians dating thier own kind, I dont know. I Knew one Guyanese chick from Bronx Community College she was cute, and I wanted to date her, I had feelings for her but she did not want to take it beyond friendship. She was not cute or ugly, not fat not slim, something about her that I liked.(that goes for the Guyanese AND the white people involved in this discussion! Many came from poor families but most came because of the Black racism in Guyana. Will someone please explain to me though why Guyanese immigrants have to have noisy parties with microphones and loudspeakers?They seem to have absolutely no regard or respect for their neighbors.We had to actually call the police one night when one of their parties went on until 4 A. As soon as the police left the first time, they turned the music up again.