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J’imagine bien votre langue qui passe sur mes seins puis qui descend tout doucement sur mon ventre pour atteindre enfin mon sexe.
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When I was away for my birthday, I came home to the dorm and they had decorated my room with balloons and presents,” Ahmed said.As part of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, Ahmed will do community service.She selected the City of Las Vegas Animal Shelter, which the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico operates.“I worked with an animal shelter back home in Pakistan and it’s one of my passions in life,” Ahmed said.And although that in and of itself is a testament to who I am, it is not their duty to remind me of the quality I possess. So while their genuine gestures are extremely welcomed and treasured, it’s time I take a moment to build myself up the same way I am so eager to do for those I love.

“I’ve had many random strangers help me in New Mexico, which is very refreshing,” Rija Ahmed said.

“Once when I was on the bus from Santa Fe to Las Vegas I was sick and an especially kind woman offered to take me to the hospital because she was so concerned.

This is just one of many examples of how friendly people are here.

Fortunately, there were more than a few things, but funny enough, while diving deep into my inner observations, I began to notice a trend.

The things I feel are my biggest strengths can also be seen as my biggest weaknesses. I’m so often labeled as being “too nice,” as if being too nice is a bad thing, but I understand why people say that.