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Many films or novels with university settings include an affair between a male professor and a female student.

In this he resembled the makers of popular culture, who have frozen the university’s public image in the 1960s.

“He was also a bit older and his maturity was really refreshing (since in high school I was in a relationship with a guy who was going nowhere and was so immature).” Avery started wearing V-neck shirts and makeup (which she never wore normally) to attract her TA’s attention.

She started going to his office hours to ask questions about his research.

Some people I know believe that a professor can be fired for having an affair with a student. On unionized Canadian campuses, firing a faculty member requires years of reports, committee deliberations and appeals.

Many of the young women who entered university as undergraduates came from towns or neighbourhoods where almost everyone had the same culture: foreign-born professors exercised an exotic allure.Many undergraduates, taught by graduate students and part-timers on year-by-year contracts, often in enormous lecture courses, rarely meet tenured professors.Of the last two campus affairs of which I became aware, one involved a forty-year-old female professor who was dating a thirty-something male graduate student from a different department; the other united a senior administrator in his sixties, who had been married to his wife for decades, with a male graduate student in his mid-twenties.When Avery* took a sociology class her freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill, she was interested in the subject matter—but she found herself way more interested in the cute TA who taught it.“He was an interesting guy with a lot of the same beliefs and values that I had,” she says.Even when the older man-younger woman pattern occurs—and though no longer common, it does happen, usually to a female graduate student—the dynamics are not those of the 1960s.