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This article is a somewhat technical overview of how maps and map downloads work in Gaia GPS.

Gaia GPS supports viewing multiple map types, both online and offline.

Most of the maps in Gaia GPS are "raster" maps cut into "tiles." Raster means the map is made of pre-made images, often different images for different zoom levels.Each map download record contains several pieces of information: Maps are downloaded by selecting a rectangular region on the map, and choosing one or more map sources to download.When the download is saved, a Map Download record is created for each Map Source selected.If you download a Map Source for a region, then select the same Map Source and region to download again.No tiles will actually be downloaded, because they are already all stored on the device, but the app will still have to go through the list of all tiles for the map and check if they have been downloaded.The list is calculated going along the track and calculating what map tile each point is on, then that tile, and one tile in each direction is added to the list.