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In fact, I believe that a wife should indeed police her husband. Host says: What do you mean by "turning a marriage into an illicit affair" and how can couples do this?

These advocates, and hundreds of other North Korean women who have quietly strived to successfully resettle and bring their children and other family members to South Korea, are among the people that we’ve been able to support and work with because of your commitment to stand alongside the North Korean people.Firstly, North Korea is both politically and culturally very patriarchal, so women traditionally have a lower status than men, and are actually less tightly controlled by the North Korean system.Starting from the famine of the 1990s, North Korean women had to exploit their official status as “housewives” to engage in private market activities and become the breadwinners to ensure their family’s survival.What if you are not jealous of what your wife does and have felt that she is overly jealous towards other women for no reason?Rabbi_Boteach says: By all means, jealousy must be kept in moderation.Of course, today everyone would laugh at that stereotype, and argue that it is men who are predatory, and women who are going off sex.