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Geochronometers and radio carbon dating

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Each of these properties is important, but probably, the most significant property for a discussion of the interplay between the ocean and the atmosphere is the massive influence the ocean has on the atmosphere.

The ocean’s mass is almost 2,500 times greater than that of the atmosphere and its specific heat is about 4 times greater, so the ocean contains approximately 10,000 times more energy than the atmosphere.

The water fills the deepest trenches on earth to about 35,000 feet below sea level.

Only the mountains and higher terrain extend above sea level.

Liquid water is necessary for most life processes on the Earth and explains why the planet is so fertile.

Some of the other planets like Mars may have contained liquid water in the past as evidenced by erosional features, but this water has either evaporated and escaped to space or is trapped in the crust in frozen form. It makes life processes possible, it is a universal solvent, it stores large amounts of heat, it absorbs or releases large quantities of heat during phase changes, and it is denser than the solid state.

A Warmer Ocean in the Past Yet, there is evidence that the ocean was dramatically warmer in the past than it is today.

It is commonly believed that during the Cretaceous Period, some 65 million years ago, according to the conventional evolutionary time frame, the average ocean temperature was much warmer than today—possibly as warm as 100 F on the average.

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Water on the Earth About 2/3 of the surface of the Earth is covered by an ocean of water.The reflected light from clouds and glaciers contrast strongly with the blue of the atmosphere and ocean.God has truly given us a beautiful place to call home.The ocean and atmosphere, the grasses and forests, the mountains and deserts, and the clouds and snow reflect, absorb, and scatter various colors of the rainbow.For example, during the day, blue light is selectively scattered by the atmosphere to form a beautiful, blue canopy of light.The ocean is like a giant flywheel in the earth-atmosphere system.