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Gemini woman dating cancer man

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And he won’t admit that he’s jealous but I get the sense that he is — and I am a very social person who strikes up conversations and gets smiles or greetings from complete strangers.I feel this makes him uncomfortable but he won’t admit it.On the positive side – you are mirrored signs, the changes needed are worth it because (unlike most) you do actually naturally have the power to make one another feel at serenity and peace in the long-term.The above mentions just a few Sun houses we can look at, we can look at your whole chart and your lover’s relationship chart when you need to go through clear question and answer sessions with me on this one.If you’re still hesitant about taking out a reading and insist on doing everything yourself, my pointers are below.Figure out how strong your Mercury leads your Gemini’s chart; and how strong your Moon leads your Cancer’s chart.

This makes for a spontaneous kind of Crab lover inspired by the way Gemini lives his day to day life; she’s inspired to try and keep him off his feet without interrupting his rhythm.

Like I said five years ago when I originally wrote this blog post: This is an uncomfortable look next door, especially for your Crab lady who’s seeing her stereotypically worst habits in any other relationship being reflected back to her by her Gemini man, this time around.

For Gemini, this is just plain unfamiliar and uncomfortably close territory.

He gives me butterflies and makes me feel weak at the knees.

We are so different — I am high-strung and restless (but a VERY good cook) while he is quiet and laid-back. He touches me deeply and I know that I touch him, but whereas he is open to discussing any issues that arise for ME, he tends to withdraw a little and go cool rather than tell me when something has upset HIM.