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Does God have ears because it says, "God heard the sound of your words" (Deut. Does God have a mouth since it says, "God spoke to us" (Deut. Does God have an arm since it says, "I shall redeem you with an outstretched arm" (Exodus 6:6)?Does God have a hand, as it says, "I raised My hand to give it to Abraham" (Exodus 6:8)? So why does the Torah use human terms to describe God?As for the specific verse you cited in Genesis, what does it mean to be "in the image of God"?Humans are like God in the sense that we have free will.Welcome to free gamer dating - one of the few sites which allows single gamer girls and guys to meet for free.We aim to offer the best free dating site for gamers and geeks of all kinds, so if your looking to meet other single gamers then why not sign up, it's 100% free to join so you have nothing to lose!If you have ever been called a nerd, geek, freak or have a weird kink then this site is for you.Maimonides' 13 Principles of Faith states: "I believe with perfect faith that God does not have a body. There is nothing that resembles Him at all." What, then, is Genesis referring to when it states: "God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him." Is this a "spiritual" image?

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He is likely to smile back and this will increase your own positive feelings. Who would be so foolish as not to desire life and days to see good?

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Likewise, to avoid gossip, slander, or lies, we must set up protective "fences" to avoid such an occurrence, as for example, avoiding associating with gossipers, and pausing to think before we talk about another person.

is not only a grievous sin, but actually defiles our speech, thus devaluating the words we utter in prayer and Torah study.