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Then he pulls the dress's bodice down so he can caress her tits as Alex helps the fabric slide the rest of the way to the floor.
These units were used originally by people like Western Union to transmit telegrams.

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There's several cultures where pork is banned, and nobody would even mention the C room discussing pork.

This is a highly forum, where users from all kinds of cultures participate.

As much as I find the whole issue ridiculous and agree with closing that hilarious question, I now have no idea .

Is it because those voting for closed agreed with my comment that the complaint is ridiculous?

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Is it because the issue was "solved" anyway (one of the owners changed the description to something that, IMO, is even more controversial on a programmer's site, but is not mentioning sex) and the policy here recently seems to have changed to sweeping controversial topics under the carpet?

So if you want you can attempt to follow the thread as it loosely splices through several other discussion threads, sub-threads, and sub-sub-threads, some of which spun off this one, some not.

I stand to what I said about this: However, note that this remark was only added after there seemed to be a misunderstanding about what "talking about sex" meant.

If you are against the usage of the word describing your own origin, please state so in an answer. )What made you think that I was against usage of that word, sbi? Your question's not about sex (I assume), but about deleting a question for content.

I'd remove the "rant" tag just as freely from your question, even though that tag has just about as much relevance to your [email protected]: You want to remove the tag describing the very thing a question deals with, and try to sell me this as "normal"?