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Hartnett, 36, is, by his own description, “working all the time”.

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That's fine for those who choose it, but wonder if other women are more open minded and down-to-earth and easy going.Such relationships tend to last longer and be more drama-free anyway.

god knows us men will do alot for a woman behind closed doors as long as their buddies dont find out lol.... no wonder you have so many women out there complaining of the quality of guys but ... its not cheating but something as simple as that and most women wont do it because they dont like it ... Have all given me lots of fun times Oh my god, I love stockings. My winter uniform is a turtleneck, a miniskirt, a pair of colored stockings (well, usually black), and a pair of heels. asked whats better than a woman clad in sexy panty hose and such wrapped around "your" c**k. I was never much about the entrapments, but the feel of soft skin, and the natural scent of a woman seem to be enough for me,..

the problem really pertains to a woman who wont open their mind or even want to try to keep a man happy even though alot claim they are in love .. but how ever you see how many men get a thrill from things like that ladies ... I used to think stockings were terribly uncomfortable, until I started buying pricier hosiery. Well, I'll tell you mister....having her wrapped around "my" c**k...will do for a start, but just suppose, she is in her '90's age still be fun? if before she gets wrapped around you or me or them..if you have about two hours of hot foreplay, mirrors, role play and such.go on to the wrapping around stuff...might make it better. always preferred my women with that "factory-fresh" look,..

so dont ya think you should be making notes of what men are into .... or do you still prefer to listen to some gay male who has been setting the fashion trend and obviously have no idea what turns a straight guy on? But for the record....yes, that stuff is hot.....especially attached to a garter belt with a thong underneath....

Now, having said that, I'm a guy and therefore not qualified to answer.

If you DO find a girl with a similar fetish, you're probably gonna end up happier than 99.9% of people here.