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Pretty enthusiastic and actually love the Gay stuff big time.

I feel like after playing a Lannister, he's taken familial relationships in the wrong direction. If people in this thread are clutching their pearls over others wanting to see this 19 year having a wank then do yourselves a favor and stay out of the Dylan Sprayberry thread. He was in Billy Elliott for five years, progressing from playing "Small Boy" to the cross dressing best friend, to the title role. While some of you are clutching your pearls or other things on your person, I'm wondering if he got to sing showtunes backstage with Diane Langton.

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Seems unlikely he'd put out the rumor intentionally, but he could be gay/bi.

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Never heard of him but his imdb shows he's been acting onscreen consistently sijce 2012. Must be another Luke Evans - though Luke's escaped having his JO show going viral so far... Nearly a third of the followers are Girls and women and they are pretty enthusiastic and I have to say it changed my opinion of Girls seeing men's penises.

Since he and the other guy completely kept their hands off each other throughout, I assume he's straight, and was talking to a girl (or someone pretending to be a girl).

So clearly you've watched the video, seen his dick, and are still wondering at the size of it. Either he's never coming back to social media or he has created another Instagram and Twitter account and made it private. I can see not wanting to be reminded of it, especially the cousin factor. They aren't touching each other, sure, but they have their dicks out doing sexual acts with a family member. I mean two guys masturbating together itself is pretty gay.And Trey appears to be his bf as well as his business partner. Either the stress of being exposed or the stress of travel is at least making him start to look his age, finally.It seems to be a pattern and I imagine it can get very messy. You said you haven't heard how big his dick is but then right after you said you heard it was above average. Cousin had decent girth and looked like he'd be up for a lot of fun things. Though given he's British that means there's a 50% chance this comes with premature balding. God it looked like he really didn't want to be there. I have a feeling that the cousin was on Omegle, found this hot "girl" (in quotes because for those unaware it was a guy using a fake webcam feed of a girl) and then basically pimped Dean out to get her to show off (show me your pussy and you can talk to Tommen kind of thing).I went back and forth with a friend over Sherri's lack of hospital observation.The husband says she coughed up blood from screaming, she lost 13 lbs, branded, broken nose, mottled with bruises, I would think all that would merit an overnight observation. Why would anyone brag about footage that they're not going to release?You can choose your language settings from within the program.